FOCUS On the Go!

Buddy Bear has a lot on his mind, and he needs your family’s help to share his feelings. Play alongside Buddy to practice understanding and communicating your feelings and to collect tools for calming down in challenging situations.

FOCUS On the Go! includes a suite of games and resources for everyone in your family. You can have fun together with Buddy Bear while learning ways to help strengthen your families.

In the Parent's section, watch videos, download activities you can do as a family, and take surveys to learn more about your family’s strengths in the Parent’s section

FOCUS On the Go! brings FOCUS Family Resilience Training™ skills to families where they live, work and play.

Key Features:

  • 4 skill-building games for the whole family
  • More than 40 levels for all ages
  • Achievements and leaderboard for mapping progress
  • Activities, videos and surveys for parents


  • Catch relaxation tools and get to know the Feeling Thermometer in Bear Chill
  • Search for feeling words and practice using the Feeling Thermometer in Feeling Finder
  • Create your story and share it with friends and family in Comic Creator
  • Solve puzzles and collect relaxation tools to fill up your Cozy Cavern in Bear Necessities

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