UCLA Family STAR Clinic

The UCLA Family STAR (Stress, Trauma And Resilience) Clinic provides evaluation, consultation, prevention, and treatment services for children and family members affected by trauma and other challenging events, including medical illness, traumatic loss, community violence, disasters, and combat deployment stress.  Comprised of a team of psychiatrists and psychologists specializing in children and adolescents, the clinic provides expertise in child and family traumatic stress care for children of all ages and their family members, as well as educational resources and training for UCLA Child Psychiatry Fellows and Psychology Interns.

Upcoming Events: 

  • STAR Family Group -  designed for parents and children who have experienced a traumatic event. Starting March 28th, registration is still open for interested families.


For more information or to make an appointment, contact us at 310-825-7573.

Clinicians and other professionals can make referrals by visiting http://uclahealth.org/refer or by calling 310-825-7573.

Learn more about Family Trauma at https://nfrc.ucla.edu/about-family-trauma.


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