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The UCLA Nathanson Family Resilience Center activities are organized into five core areas, which collectively help us accomplish our mission.


The UCLA Nathanson Family Resilience Center administrative team is comprised of experts in funds management, human resources and technical assistance.  We work together to support our leadership team in designing and implementing cutting-edge programs that help individuals and families become happier, healthier and more resilient.

Research and Evaluation

Our work is grounded in rigorous science, and we strive to translate the results of our research quickly and efficiently into accessible programming to enhance health and well being for families. We connect clinicians, public health and education professionals, and families to the most current advances in behavioral research about family functioning and resiliency.

Professional Training

We are committed to training and building future generations of service providers, clinicians and researchers.  The UCLA Nathanson Family Resilience Center works to integrate family-centered research and services into local communities and existing systems of care.

Innovative Technology

Technology allows us to bring programs and services to individuals and families where they live, work and play. Whether it is through smart phone apps, online training courses or web-based family games, the Nathanson Family Resilience Center uses technology to make interventions accessible.

Early Childhood

We recognize that families with infants and young children have specialized needs.  The UCLA Nathanson Family Resilience Center offers a range of programs to enhance the capacity of family members with children under the age of five to support each other and effectively understand and meet the needs of their developing children.  These programs include the Family Development Project, SEEDS, and UCLA Child Trauma Clinic.