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FOCUS on Foster Families

FOCUS on Foster Families is designed to support foster youth and their caregivers. Through candid video interviews and online tools, FOCUS on Foster Families helps users improve their skills related to communication, emotional regulation, problem solving, and goal setting.

FOCUS On Foster Families brings FOCUS Family Resilience Training skills to families where they live, work and play. FOCUS is a program that teaches families to use five related skills to build on strengths and overcome challenges. These skills are problem-solving, goal setting, communication, emotional regulation and managing trauma and stress reminders.

Featured Videos

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When you have an argument with your foster child
Fawnda Sandoval, LCSW, Department of Child and Family Services
Strengths I developed from being a foster youth
Maria & Annika, UCLA Guardian Scholars / former foster youth
Uneven development: Sometimes our teen acts like a little kid
Judy, Foster-Adoptive Parent

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