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FOCUS Provider

Families OverComing Under Stress (FOCUS) is a resiliency training program for families with children and couples facing adversity and traumatic stress across a variety of situations. It allows families to build their own story about their life experiences and learn key skills that support resilience. Learn more about FOCUS here! The UCLA Nathanson Family Resilience Center offers training in the FOCUS Model to community providers throughout the US. Below is listing of agencies that provide FOCUS followed by a list of individual providers that have been certified in providing FOCUS to Families.

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sort descending Street City State / Province Country Phone
LAUSD Valley School Mental Health Clinic
6651 Balboa Blvd Van Nuys CA United States 818-758-2300
LAUSD Washington Wellness Center
1555 W. 110th St. Los Angeles CA United States 323-241-1909
Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health
10605 Balboa Bl., #100, Granada Hills CA United States (818)832-6195
Los Angeles Police Department - Mental Health Services
1663 Butler Ave. Los Angeles CA United States
Los Angeles Sheriff Department - Mental Health Services
1310 W. Imperial Hwy Los Angeles CA United States
Military Women in Need
2355 Westood Blvd. #350 Los Angeles CA United States
Moore To Life Therapy
Bixby OK United States (918) 209-8138
Moose Jaw Military Family Resource Centre
15 Wing Moose Jaw Box 5000 Moose Jaw SK Canada 306-694-2273
North Bay Military Family Resource Centre
Hornell Heights ON Canada 705-494-2011
Oasis, New Directions for Veterans
11303 Wilshire blvd., VA BLDG. 116 Los Angeles CA United States (310)914-4045


Certification in the FOCUS model requires successful completion of FOCUS with multiple families and participation in ongoing consultation with the UCLA NFRC Trainers. We would like to congratulate the following individuals on becoming certified in FOCUS for Families, FOCUS for Couples, and/or FOCUS Skill Building Groups.

Name Type
Adrine Babakhanyan FOCUS Resilience Curriculum
Alejandra Aceves FOCUS Resilience Curriculum
Alexa Gonzales FOCUS Resilience Curriculum
Alexis Cooperman SBGs for Child/Adolescents
Alicia Perez FOCUS for Families
Alina Antonyants SBGs for Child/Adolescents
Allison Nilsson FOCUS for Families & FOCUS for Couples
Allison Patch FOCUS for Families
Alysha McCuistion FOCUS for Families
Amanda Cross SBGs for Child/Adolescents
Amy Hammond SBGs for Child/Adolescents
Amy Nash FOCUS for Families & FOCUS for Couples
Ana Arias FOCUS Resilience Curriculum
Ana Milanes SBGs for Child/Adolescents
Ana Sanchez Marroquin FOCUS for Families
Andrea Hernandez SBGs for Child/Adolescents
Andrea Saavedra FOCUS for Families
Angel Barrios FOCUS for Families
Angela Nicholson FOCUS for Families
Angela Nicholson FOCUS for Families
Anisa Reid FOCUS Resilience Curriculum
Anita Kwan FOCUS for Families
Anne Foy SBGs for Child/Adolescents
Annie Beck FOCUS for Families & FOCUS for Couples
April McBride FOCUS for Families & FOCUS for Couples
Aron Powers FOCUS Resilience Curriculum
Ashley Canas FOCUS for Families
Astrid Topete FOCUS for Families
Aurielle Zeitler FOCUS Resilience Curriculum
Averi Keith FOCUS Resilience Curriculum
Aviana Garcia FOCUS Resilience Curriculum LAUSD Trainer
Aviana Garcia SBGs for Child/Adolescents