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FOCUS Provider

Families OverComing Under Stress (FOCUS) is a resiliency training program for families with children and couples facing adversity and traumatic stress across a variety of situations. It allows families to build their own story about their life experiences and learn key skills that support resilience. Learn more about FOCUS here! The UCLA Nathanson Family Resilience Center offers training in the FOCUS Model to community providers throughout the US. Below is listing of agencies that provide FOCUS followed by a list of individual providers that have been certified in providing FOCUS to Families.

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sort descending Street City State / Province Country Phone
4Wing Cold Lake Military Family Resource Centre
Building 647 Kingsway Road 4 Wing Cold Lake AB Canada 780-594-6006
Alma Family Services
9101 Whittier Blvd. Pico Rivera CA United States 562-801-4626
AO Consulting & Counseling Services
406 Main Street Adin CA United States 530-640-2933
Blue Butterfly Village (VOALA) 
San Pedro CA United States (310)844-4723
Child & Family Center
21545 Centre Pointe Pkwy Santa Clarita CA United States 661-259-9439 x 3037
Child and Family Guidance Center
9650 Zelzah Avenue Northridge CA United States (818) 739-5344
Child Guidance Center Inc. Strong Family Strong Children
525 Cabrillo Pk. Drive Suite 300 Santa Ana CA United States 714-953-4455
ChildNet Youth and Family Services
5150 E. Pacific Coast Hwy. Suite 100 Long Beach CA United States 562-490-7600
ChildNet Youth and Family Services
4155 Outer Traffic Cirlce Long Beach CA United States (562) 498-5500
Children First Counseling
Red Bluff CA United States 530-529-9454


Certification in the FOCUS model requires successful completion of FOCUS with multiple families and participation in ongoing consultation with the UCLA NFRC Trainers. We would like to congratulate the following individuals on becoming certified in FOCUS for Families, FOCUS for Couples, and/or FOCUS Skill Building Groups.

Name Type
Johanna Buwalda FOCUS for Families
Johanna Garcia SBGs for Child/Adolescents
John Whittington FOCUS for Families
Jose Sandoval FOCUS for Families
Joseph Apodaca FOCUS Resilience Curriculum
Kara Barthel SBGs for Child/Adolescents
Kara Carlos FOCUS for Families
Karen Aguilar FOCUS Resilience Curriculum
Karen Sadewater FOCUS for Families
Kathey Truschel FOCUS for Families & FOCUS for Couples
Kathleen Fountain FOCUS for Families
Kelli Hoover FOCUS for Families
Kelly Skala FOCUS for Families & FOCUS for Couples
Kevin Russell FOCUS for Couples
Kim Bordenave FOCUS for Families
Kim Crosby FOCUS for Families & FOCUS for Couples
Kim Morris FOCUS for Families & FOCUS for Couples
Kim Perez FOCUS for Families & FOCUS for Couples
Kristina Avila FOCUS for Families
Lana Vilsker SBGs for Child/Adolescents
Laniesha Ross SBGs for Child/Adolescents
Laura Travnitz SBGs for Child/Adolescents
Lauren Garchow FOCUS Resilience Curriculum
Lauren Scott FOCUS for Families
Leticia Perez FOCUS Resilience Curriculum
Liana Quijada FOCUS for Families
Lilia Gomez SBGs for Child/Adolescents
Lilian Carreno FOCUS for Families
Linda Abdelsayed FOCUS for Families
Linh Phung FOCUS Resilience Curriculum
Linsday Elledge SBGs for Child/Adolescents
Lisa Locke FOCUS for Families