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Featured Program- The Family Development Project

The Family Development Project (FDP) provides services to first and second-time mothers who want to provide the best possible future for their children. The mission of the FDP is to enhance the ability of family members to support each other and to recognize and meet the needs of their infant. Throughout their involvement in the FDP, mothers are empowered to approach parenting so that it can be joyful, intimate, and child-centered. They learn about early child development and how to sensitively respond to their babies. Using these skills mothers are better able to support their children and help them develop self-confidence and autonomy; qualities that will positively affect their future success in the elementary school classroom, throughout adolescence, and when developing strong supportive relationships as adults.

The FDP supports families by utilizing a comprehensive approach that includes:

·        Pre- and postnatal consultations

·        Weekly home visits

·        Developmental assessments

·        Psychiatric evaluation and medication management

Weekly home visits are a stand-out service of the FDP and mothers often form an incredible bond with their home visitors. Through this positive and supportive relationship, the parent learns valuable skills, including developmental guidance, sensitive responding, and strategies for building healthy family relationships.

What moms who participated in the FDP have to say about their experiences:

The thing I will never forget is when you told me that I can raise my child in a different way than my mom raised me and my grandma raised her. It was what my family always did but I can be a better parent. You helped me see that they did the best they could with what they had but I have so much more now ‘cause I understand that my child needs to trust me and I need to know who she is.

With you being there for me I feel like I have found ME!!! I have become strong and more self-confident to be the best mom I can be to my daughter.

Thanks for not giving up on me. When I was afraid and weak I tried to avoid you. I cancelled our meetings and made up excuses. You never got upset with me, but you said the opposite, that you would not give up when I felt weak. That has never happened to me before. People always gave up on me when I pushed them away.

You helped me discover what I am good at. I didn’t know I was good at anything.

Families are recruited to participate in the FDP during the third trimester of pregnancy from the Olive View-UCLA Ob/Gyn Clinic.

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