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posted October 18, 2012

Writes TIME's Mark Thompson:

The divide between U.S. society and the American military reveals itself in strange places – children’s classrooms, for example. More than 1 million military kids face unusual challenges: they haven’t been in a specific school long enough to play sports, for example, or their constant moves – many attend nine different schools before college – cause them to lag behind their classmates.

There are programs, such as FOCUS — Families OverComing Under Stress — created by experts at UCLA, that... Read more

posted October 15, 2012

Family Readiness Supports FOCUS

After a decade of war it is clear that Army Guard Families are facing challenges right alongside their Soldier. Multiple deployments, increased training and military schooling requirements often trans-late into lengthy separations from loved ones and a disruption of fam-ily life. Just as a Soldier trains for a mission, Families need to be trained to deal with the challenges of de-ployment and reintegration.

The Army has recently adopted a resiliency training curriculum for Soldiers, but did you know there is a free resiliency... Read more

posted August 24, 2012

A novel, family-centered, resiliency-training program involving U.S. military families produced substantial improvements in psychological measures among both children and their parents during the first 2 years of the program involving nearly 1,700 children and their families.

"Child psychological health assessment indicates significant reduction of emotional distress and behavioral problems, and increase in prosocial behaviors" after participation in the intervention program, Dr. Patricia E. Lester said at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent... Read more

posted July 23, 2012

I wear many hats!  I am the proud wife of a United States Marine, the mother of three extraordinary children, and I’m honored to be the friend of many exceptional women who are also Marine Spouses.  I am also a Resiliency Trainer for Project FOCUS (Families Overcoming Under Stress) for Military families.

In the course of my husband’s service, we have been through the many challenges every Military family faces.  We have moved ten times, endured seven deployments and countless separations due to training while living far... Read more

posted July 14, 2012

OSCAR, the mental health arm of the Marine Corps, offers a host of services designed to ensure that no Marine has to recover alone from the trauma of battle.

By Judy Erickson

In an effort to identify and treat Marines who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), the Navy and Marine Corps have developed certain protocols in recent years. Psychiatrists, nurse practitioners and psychiatric technicians deploy with and also live in regiments on the front lines with troops.

“My personal job No. 1 is trying to figure out ways to reduce suicide rates and help folks... Read more

posted June 8, 2012

Catherine Mogil, Director of Training for UCLA’s Project FOCUS, talks about the strengths of military children during the “Military Children and Families” session at the Soldiers Project & LAISPS 3rd Annual Conference held at University of Southern California on June 8-10, 2012.

Her presentation begins at 13:30.

Link to Video

posted July 4, 2011

Catherine Mogil, Director of Training for UCLA’s Project FOCUS, which helps military families cope with a parent’s deployment, was featured in a July 4 National Journal story. The article explored how children of an active-duty parent deployed for long periods are frequently diagnosed with a mental health problem.

More fallout from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq: Children with an active-duty parent deployed there for long periods were more likely to be diagnosed with a mental health problem than children whose parents were not deployed, researchers reported on Monday.

In... Read more

posted May 20, 2011

By Laura M. Levering/Northwest Guardian

Military families do not have to wait for problems to arise before seeking help.

Families Overcoming Under Stress (or FOCUS) is a program for military families that helps them build skills so they can weather the different transitions of military life as best as possible.

Joint Base Lewis-McChord is one of 14 installations in the U.S. that has the program, and only one of four that services all branches of the military.

FOCUS was created by the Department of Defense in response to concerns over frequent and longer... Read more

posted April 26, 2011

SAN DIEGO - The U.S. military is holding a conference in Mission Valley in hopes of helping hundreds of thousands of active-duty service members and their families deal with the growing stress levels in the military.Approaching 11 years of deployment after deployment to support wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, medical professionals and other experts gathered at the four-day conference to discuss ways to help alleviate a growing problem."In my view, I'm not convinced we are doing enough to watch how our folks are doing," said Adm. Jonathan Greenert, the vice chief of Naval Operations, one of... Read more

posted February 15, 2011

National Alliance on Mental Illness Beginnings, Vol 17, Winter 2010:  Since the start of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq almost a decade ago, more than two million U.S. service men and women have served overseas in wartime duties and nearly half of them have deployed more than once.