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Elizabeth (Liz) Ollen, MA, EdM

UCLA Family STAR Clinic

Liz is a clinical psychology doctoral student from Clark University, where she also obtained her Master’s in Clinical Psychology. Before pursuing her Ph.D., Liz obtained a Master’s in Human Development from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Liz’s research focuses broadly on diverse couples and families, with an emphasis on adversity and trauma through the use of qualitative methodology. Her past work included examining experiences of LGBTQ families formed through foster care and adoption, including the impact of public policy on family dynamics. More recently, Liz has explored help seeking in LGBTQ communities related to accessing couples therapy, brief relationship interventions, and resources for dating violence/sexual assault. With the help of the 2017 Michael Sullivan Diversity Research Award, Liz’s dissertation explored the ways in which LGBTQ women navigate experiences of interpersonal trauma. After graduation in May 2018, Liz hopes to continue to develop an expertise as a child/adolescent psychologist for acute and complex clinical presentations, including histories of trauma, with a specialization in LGBTQ youth.